Disinfecting and Sanitizing Services

Hundley One Time Deep Clean
Hundley Wipe Down
Hundley Hospital Grade Fogger

One-Time Deep Cleans

Routine cleaning services or one-time deep cleaning service available for any size residential or commercial space.

We clean from top-to-bottom!

From the floors to the ceilings, you can count on us to make sure your home or professional space is thoroughly cleaned.

Wipe Down & Sanitize

Hospital Grade Disinfectants & Sanitizers used.

Complete Wipe Down of:

  • Door Knobs & Handles
  • Surfaces
  • Furniture
  • Phones & Computers
  • Commonly Used Areas & Objects

Disinfectant Spraying

Permeates everything with 30 ft of microbial fog emission.

Penetrates dry wall, carpet & air duct system to eliminate odors.

Eliminates bacteria, food odors, pet odors, smoke, mold & mildew, stale air, and more!

Hospital Grade Equipment & Products

We use Professional, Hospital Grade Equipment and Non-Toxic Supplies!

Our Equipment:

Our state-of-the-art Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfectant Equipment is great for commercial or residential use and allows us to effectively penetrate and break down dirt, grime, germs, bacteria, viruses, and mold & mildew in the air, or on surfaces, both solid and porous.

Our Sanitizer:

Our Sanitizer is non-toxic and safe for food, plants and pets.  It’s a disinfectant, sanitizer, algaecide, and deodorizer used for anything from disinfecting hospital rooms and rinsing bar glasses, to keeping algae growth from occurring in pools.  It contains no cleaning agents, perfumes, or any other additives that can be a problem in living spaces or food-contact areas.

Our Disinfectant:

Our Disinfectant a single step hospital grade disinfectant cleaner effective against a wide variety of micro-organisms including viruses, bacteria, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, fungi, and mold & mildew.   It’s formulated with AHP® technology which contains hydrogen peroxide for fast, effective cleaning that is rinse-free.  It is also non-toxic, OSHA approved and offers no physical or health related hazards.

Our Deodorizer:

Our Deodorizer eliminates, traps and removes odors from the air and from porous surfaces.  It can reach into your attic, crawl space or through-out your home’s ventilation system.  It is non-toxic and pet-friendly.